Venue Access
Q:Will there be an access tour for the venue?
A :Each venue will have an official shuttle bus tour available. For more details, please check the [ACCESS] page of this site.
Q:Will parking be available?
A :Parking availability and price is different for each venue. For more details, please check the [ACCESS] page of this site.
Q:Will concert merchandise me be on sale?
A :We do plan to sell concert merchandise, but availability and booth location may change depending on the venue. For more details, please check the [MERCHANDISE] page of this website.
Q:Is there an age limit?
A :No, there is no age limit.
Any persons over the age of 3 require a ticket. Each child 2 years and younger requires 1 parent/guardian. For minors, please be sure to get the permission of your parents/guardians before you buy your tickets. Children in elementary school must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.
For designated seating, parents/guardians may allow one child 2 years and under to sit on their lap. Regardless of age, all extra seats require designated tickets.
Q:What is the age limit for parents/guardians?
A :Persons over 20 years old can be designated as a parent/guardian.
Persons under 20 do not need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian as long as they have their permission. Although we won’t inquire about the relationship between minor and their guardian, guardians who aren’t directly related to the minor must get the permission from the official parent/guardian of the minor.
Q:If I lost my ticket, will I still be able to attend the concert? Are replacement tickets available?
A :No replacement tickets will be available for lost/stolen tickets. Please take care to not lose your ticket. If you forget to bring your ticket to the venue, you will need to buy a new ticket to attend the concert.
Q:Will I be able to enter the venue if I bought my ticket from a reseller?
A :To prevent scalping and counterfeit tickets, please be aware that we will not accept tickets bought from an unofficial reseller.
Q:I haven’t received my ticket yet.
A :Tickets will be mailed out 2 weeks before the concert, but if you have yet to receive your ticket 1 week before the concert, please contact the ticketing service you bought your ticket from.
Weather conditions and clothing
Q:What kind of clothes should I wear to the concert?
A :Concerts will be held from early spring until summer, so some nights may fall to temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius. Wind chill will make the temperature feel even colder, so please come prepared with a jacket. Remember to always be prepared for the coldest weather.
Q:If it starts to rain, can I use an umbrella during the concert?
A :Umbrellas will not be allowed inside the venue. We highly recommend you bring raincoats and other protective gear. Please bring your own raincoat. Regardless of the weather forecast, please be prepared for bad weather, as your body temperature will fall the longer you expose yourself to rain.
Q:Can I use a parasol/tent?
A :No.
Venue restrictions
Q:Can I take photos and/or record audio/video?
A :As long as they are for personal use, photography is permitted. However, flash-photography, video, and audio recordings are prohibited.
Q:Can I use a selfie stick?
A :Selfie sticks and other camera accessories are prohibited as they can get in the way of the enjoyment of other concert attendees. If staff spot anybody using these objects, they will immediately confiscate them.
Q:Can I put children on my shoulders during the concert?
A :Putting children on shoulders is strictly prohibited as it can impede the view and enjoyment of other concert attendees.
Q:Can I use a box or stand to get a better view of the stage?
A :No, boxes, stands, and chairs are prohibited as they can impede the enjoyment of other concert attendees. If staff spot anybody using these objects, they will immediately confiscate them.
Q:How long with the concert be?
A :About 2 to 2 ½ hours.
Q:Will there be cloak service?
A :Yes, cloak service will be available at each venue. We will update this page as details become available.
Q:I want to give the band members a present.
A :We will not accept fan letters or presents at the concert venue.

If you would like to send the band a letter or present, please mail it to the address below. Please refrain from sending very large objects and/or food.

Shibuya CH Bldg. 2F, 29-12 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya, Tokyo
JAPAN 150-0031