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【General Information for All Shows】
<Concert Restrictions>
Q: Can children watch a show on parents shoulder?  NEW
A:Shoulder riding during a show is strictly prohibited for safety reasons.
Kids standing areas are provided in Arena standing area.
Any children smaller than 120cm with Arena standing ticket can enter the area.
Kids area is provided for children only for their better view and experience at the show.
Please ask the staff at respective venue for its location.
Q:What should I do if I feel sick at the concert
A:There is first-aid room at respective venues. Please ask the closest staff. For those with Standing ticket (both ARENA and STAND), we highly recommend audiences to watch in less crowded area if you are not in the best condition.
Q:Can I use a footstool at the concert?
A:Any kind of footstool or folding chair is strictly restricted in the venue as it is disturbing to other audiences. Please be advised If any of those items are found they may be confiscated.
Q:Can I take photos, video or record the show?
A:Taking photos is permitted during the show except for commercial use. Taking photos using flash, audio and video recording are strictly prohibited.
Please refrain from using tablet computers for safety purpose. eg) iPad and Android etc.
Q:Can I use a selfie stick to take photos?
A:Bringing selfie sticks and any other equipment to assist taking photographs in to the venue is strictly prohibited as it can be very disturbing for other fans. If our staff finds a person in possession of such equipment, we reserve the right to confiscate those items.

Q:Will there be any additional tickets?
A:All the information about additional tickets will be updated on SHOW page.
Q:Will there be tickets avaliable at the door to purchase?
A:All the information about the ticket sale at the door will be updated on SHOW page.
Q:I want to know the location of the standing/reserved block.
A:Venue maps will be updated on this website accordingly.
Q:I want to take my child, can they get in if they are still not in elementary school?
A:Children over the age of 3 require tickets. Children under the age of 2 may enter under guardian’s responsibility, provided that they sit on an adult’s lap and do not occupy a seat. If those children require an individual seat, a ticket must be purchased.
Q:I lost my ticket, can I still see the show? Can you reissue my ticket?
A:We do not comply with lost tickets or reissuing tickets.
Q:Can I enter the venue with a ticket purchased on a ticket resale website?
A:Anyone with tickets purchased on resale sites will not be permitted in to the venue to prevent scalping and ticket resale.
Q:I haven’t received my ticket in the mail yet.※For domestic reserved ticket sales only
A:Tickets are sent out approximately two weeks prior to the concert. If you do not receive your ticket by one week before the concert date, please contact your purchased outlet for more information.
【For tickets purchased via S.N.O.W.S, R.A.I.N.S or Lawson Ticket】
Please send your inquiry to the e-mail address above. Please put [SEKAI NO OWARI- Tickets] as subject and your inquiry in the content (“how can I change the posting address?” etc.).