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『MEET & GREET Drawing』

Win a chance to meet SEKAI NO OWARI members backstage after the show. You can also win other awesome prizes include autographed merchandise and S.N.O.W.S medal.

Every S.N.O.W.S member who entered the drawing will receive “S.N.O.W.S Original Spoon”

◆“Spoon” prize◆

S.N.O.W.S original spoon (Everyone who entered the drawing)

※Offer Valid while stocks last.

◆“The Dinner” prize◆
MEET & GREET pass【10people at each show】 

◆“Dish” prize◆
Rare Item

◆“Knife” prize◆
Autographed Tour Merchandise

◆“Fork” prize◆
S.N.O.W.S medal 

You can enter the drawing once per day.

★Anyone who joined the membership on the day can also enter the drawing.

★please present your member card.
■How do I enter the drawing? Read the QR code below.

Go to「S.N.O.W.S My page」 

Present the page at S.N.O.W.S booth

※Screen shot is not accepted
※You must show your logged-in status. If you have trouble logging in, please clear cookies and try logging in again.
※If you have forgotten your login ID or password, chose your carrier in log-in page to reset.

For more information visit

Official mobile fan club 「S.N.O.W.S」

[For Smartphone]

[For feature phone]

We have【Special Lucky Drawing】and【R.A.I.N.S limited merchandise】sale at SEKAI NO OWARI “The Dinner” 2016 R.A.I.N.S booth.

《Who Can Enter?》
R.A.I.N.S members with/without a ticket to the concert can enter the 【Special Lucky Drawing】

※Meet & Greet Pass does not include ticket to the show.

Every show dates of “The Dinner” tour The drawing is scheduled to open at the same time as fan club pre-sale.

※The opening time is different for respective venue. Please check “The Dinner” official site.
※The entry for drawing will be closed when shows start.

R.A.I.N.S booth is located near the official merchandise area.

※Follow R.A.I.N.S sign.

Special Lucky Drawing
Place your member card (IC card with your individual serial number) onto card reader it will issue a 【Special Lucky Drawing】receipt.

Here is what you can win!

(1) Chance to meet SEKAI NO OWARI “Meet & Greet” Pass
10 lucky fans will win a chance to see the band backstage right after the show. Talk to the band in person!

(2) R.A.I.N.S prize
You can win very rare tour items and autographed tour merchandises.

* Your drawing number will be printed on the receipt. The winner will be drawn around July.(Subject to change)

(3) R.A.I.N.S Wallpaper
Everyone who entered the drawing will get complementary wallpaper!

※Read the QR code printed on the receipt
Incentive present for renewing members!
Get your R.A.I.N.S membership renewed and receive “R.A.I.N.S bookmark clip” at the tour booth.

※there is no restriction on remaining period of the membership

New addition to R.A.I.N.S only item!

R.A.I.N.S members can only purchase this umbrella and DJ LOVE umbrella handle head.
※Only sold at R.A.I.N.S booth.

■R.A.I.N.S Original Umbrella … 2,800 yen (Tax Included)

■Umbrella handle head … 800 yen (Tax Included)

For more information please visit official “R.A.I.N.S” site