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【Miyagi - Miyagi Sekisui Heim Super Arena】
<Facility and Equipment>
Q:Is parking available?
A:Yes. If you would like to park at the venue’s temporary parking lot please purchase your parking ticket at Lawson Ticket Loppi prior to arrival.
On Sale: Feb. 6th (Sat) 10:00 ~ April 8th (Fri) 23:30
Fee: Advance \1,000/ Show Day \2,000
※ There is a limit to parking space. Tickets may sell out during above period. If parking is full, you will not be able to park.
※ Many people will want to purchase parking tickets on show day, we recommend purchasing in advance.
Q:I will be attending in a wheelchair.
A:We will need to secure space for those in wheelchairs, please contact Ticket GIP two weeks in advance of show day after purchasing your ticket. One additional person can accompany you but they will require a ticket.
Contact: Ticket GIP:022-222-9999 (Weekdays 11:00~18:00)
Q:Are there wheelchair accessible restrooms?
A:It is located in the stand concourse.
Q:Will I be able to keep my belongings somewhere at the show?
A:Cloak service will be available for a charge of \500 (one bag), and you will not be able to take it in and out after handing it in to cloak. Valuables, money and dangerous items cannot be kept at cloakroom. The organizer is not liable for any lost or damaged items.
Q:Are there umbrella holders at the venue?
A:There is no permanent umbrella holder at the venue. For those in arena standing area, we will set up a temporary umbrella holder at the entrance. You cannot bring umbrellas in to the seating area. For those in stand reserved seating area, plastic umbrella bags will be available at the entrance, please use them and keep your umbrella at your seat.
Q:I want to give the band members a present.
A:Gift boxes will be set up at the arena entrance and stand entrance. Please make sure to write which member your gift is for.
Q:Is there a place to keep my stroller?
A:Please refrain from bringing strollers.
Q:Is there a nursing room?
Q:Is there a place to change diapers?
A:There is one located in stand concourse and one in the sub arena.
Q:Is there daycare service?
<Food and Beverages>
Q:Are there restaurants or concessions at the venue?
A:There is a café area in the sub arena.
Q:Can I bring bottles or cans in to the venue?
A:Please refrain from bringing bottles or cans in to the venue.
Q:Can I buy alcohol at the venue?
Q:Do I enter in the order of my ticket order number?
A:If you are in the arena standing area, you will enter per block in ticket order number. Our staff will advise details on show day.
Q:I forgot/lost something at the venue.
A:Please contact below on the following week of the concert.
Contact:Ticket GIP:022-222-9999(Weekdays 11:00~18:00)