Osaka maps out now!
For those going to Osaka Kyocera Dome, check out MAP page for your block and venue map.

Map modification for Nagoya!
Nagoya venue map has been replaced due to relocation of merchandise booth. 
Update your MAP page here.

Maps for Nagoya are out now!
Visit MAP page for venue map and block map for Nagoya Dome!

”Tarkus” tour venue map and block map for Saitama are now unveiled!
Check out “Tarkus” tour venue/block map for Saitama Super Arena!
Please visit MAP page to find out!

Tour website: SEKAI NO OWARI DOME・STADIUM TOUR 2017 “Tarkus”
A special website for SEKAI NO OWARI Dome・Stadium Tour 2017 “Tarkus” has launched.
Visit the website for the latest updates!

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